Friday, July 29, 2016

Why Your Cat Needs Regular Check-ups

We love our pooches...but we love kitties too! Paddy's Paws wants to remind our adopters that we consider regular wellness care for felines to be quite important and is a requirement for adoption! More often than not, we find that cats aren't receiving the same attention and check-ups that they deserve...and we want to help change that!
We require an up to date rabies vaccination for feline family members (unless a vet recommends otherwise due to age or illness). Why? While the risk of rabies is very low for indoor cats, it is still a disease that is communicable to humans and that is why it is so strongly recommended. In addition, going in for a rabies vaccination every year or every 3 years, gives the vet an opportunity to examine your pet and check for any signs of concern. Being strictly indoors does not ensure optimal health, and cats are very good at hiding illness and pain. Cats can be prone to dental issues and ear issues that may not be caught by owners. It also allows them to get for weight fluctuations, which can be an early sign of issues.
So, long story short, it goes beyond just the vaccination for us and is really about pets receiving good, regular veterinary care and being treated as valued family members.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Paws for a Cause - Fundraising Event

SAVE THE DATE: We're excited to announce a Paddy's Paws' fundraising event, "Paws for a Cause" sponsored by the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital on Tuesday, August 9th! Stop by Paddy's Pub and meet some available pups (they'll be located in the side alley) and help us raise much needed funds for our foster dogs' medical expenses. We hope to see you there!

Friday, July 22, 2016

It's a Dog's World

Earlier today, Fred and Arya, along with two of our volunteers, went to talk to multiple sessions of the summer school class "It's a Dog's World" in theSchool District of Jefferson. The elementary-aged students listened to a children's book written about Paddy's Paws, talked about the importance of being a responsible pet owner, and reviewed information on how to safely interact with dogs. Plus, the kids got to play with Fred and Arya and watch the two pups show off their cuteness! Community outreach and providing children with positive experiences with animals is important to Paddy's Paws. Thank you for letting us stop by!

Arya and Fred had so much fun at school they had to stop by the door for a nap before they left :)

Meet Simon!

Sweet Simon arrived in Wisconsin on Tuesday, but sadly had no adopter waiting to meet him. We would love to change this and inform Simon that he has an excited approved adopter ready to take him to his forever home. Do you know someone who would be the right fit for Simon? Please share his photo so he can find his perfect match!
Simon is a beautiful guy who was rescued from the flood waters of the Brazos River in Houston. He is looking for a lap to sit in. He is a small guy under 13 lbs. and 2-3 years old. He does well with other dogs or he would be fine as an only dog too. Please consider bringing this sweet boy into your family.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thank you, Houston K-911 and Hank's Flights!

We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to team-up with Houston K-911 Rescue to help bring unwanted dogs from Houston up to Wisconsin. Once here, the dogs become treasured members of the Paddy's Paws family. Thank you Hank's Flights for generously sending your private plane and sponsoring this trip to Wisconsin! The dogs loved being able to travel in style! Thank you to all of the fosters, volunteers, and adopters who made this day possible!
We plan to share "Happy Adoption Day" photos soon! Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Meet Vinny!

Vinny is patiently waiting for someone to apply to adopt him. He is only nine weeks old and was sadly dumped at a Houston shelter. The rescue saw his sweet face and knew there was no way he was going to stay there! He is now in a foster home doing great. Working on all that puppy behavior! He wants to make Wisconsin his home and is traveling here this weekend. The rescue believes he is a Catahoula/terrier mix.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Scout the Hero Dog!

Scout is a hero! During the recent floods in Houston, volunteers from Houston K-911 Rescue, were called out to help rescue animals that had been abandoned by their owners in the rapidly rising water. When the volunteers arrived in the area they could hear a dog howling and howling but could not see him. They waded through the rising water and tried to follow the sound. They finally located an area where Scout was chained to a fence with only his head above water. While trying to free Scout from his prison they discovered rabbits, chickens and a few other animals. They were able to collect all of the animals and get them to safety. If Scout hadn't continued to howl, none of them would have been found. Scout is our HERO!

Now it's your turn! Can you be a hero for Scout by sharing his photo so he can get adopted? Scout is a husky mix who is good with kids and with dogs. He is traveling to Fort Atkinson on July 17th and would love nothing more than a forever home!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Adopt a Puppy!

These pups are hoping you're having a great July 4th weekend! They are personally more excited for July 17th though as that is when they have the chance to come to Wisconsin with their siblings. They would love to have an adopter waiting to meet them so they can secure her chance to come on the transport van.
These 3 month old cuties were found in a field with their mother. Every time the rescue (Houston K-911 Rescue) turned around another one was wandering out of the woods. We are pretty sure this little girl is going to grow up to be a fairly big girl. Who can resist that face! The rescue thinks she is a hound/Great Pyrenees mix.