Why Your Cat Needs Regular Check-ups

We love our pooches...but we love kitties too! Paddy's Paws wants to remind our adopters that we consider regular wellness care for felines to be quite important and is a requirement for adoption! More often than not, we find that cats aren't receiving the same attention and check-ups that they deserve...and we want to help change that!
We require an up to date rabies vaccination for feline family members (unless a vet recommends otherwise due to age or illness). Why? While the risk of rabies is very low for indoor cats, it is still a disease that is communicable to humans and that is why it is so strongly recommended. In addition, going in for a rabies vaccination every year or every 3 years, gives the vet an opportunity to examine your pet and check for any signs of concern. Being strictly indoors does not ensure optimal health, and cats are very good at hiding illness and pain. Cats can be prone to dental issues and ear issues that may not be caught by owners. It also allows them to get for weight fluctuations, which can be an early sign of issues.
So, long story short, it goes beyond just the vaccination for us and is really about pets receiving good, regular veterinary care and being treated as valued family members.

Image Courtesy of: http://www.pethealthnetwork.com/cat-health/cat-checkups-preventive-care/why-your-cat-needs-regular-checkups