Monday, September 11, 2017

Application Process

Happy Monday! We thought it would be great to start the week off with a refresher on the application process! It's a lengthy one, but we know it will help all involved!
The recent media attention has caused an influx of applications, which is incredible! More applications=more homes! The downside is that many have not reviewed the requirements for applicants, which leads to volunteer time being ineffectively used. We want to use the time of our dedicated volunteers wisely, and you can help us do so! It's a win-win...faster processing = then sooner a pooch can join your family!
We recognize and acknowledge that not all applicants will qualify, which is why we offer so many opportunities to educate applicants on the process prior to applying. We understand your time is valuable too! So help us, help you!
1. Animal health. The care of your current and past pets is absolutely the most important part of your application (if you're a first time pet owner, this will not apply). BEFORE you apply, call your vet and ensure you have everything up to date, as well as release permission. WHEN you apply, include your vets name and number. No number? No call. Make sure you've listed all dogs and cats who have lived in your house for the past 5 years. It makes us suspicious when we call and they list other animals you did not.
If your pets are not up to date on the items below, please do not apply until they are. It's frustrating for our volunteers to have to make follow up calls, follow up emails, and then more follow ups, only to find you haven't provided this care.
-For cats or dogs in the home, we require spay or neuter for pets over 6 months. We respect that some choose not to alter their pets, and that is your choice. This choice, however, as clearly stated, disqualifies you from our rescue.
-For cats in the home, we require a current wellness exam OR a current rabies. Why? Because this responsible check up ensures that your cat is healthy and happy enough to welcome a new addition. If you feel your cat is too old or to fearful to handle the stress of a 10 minute appointment, you should probably consider the stress of adding a strange new addition to your home. These brief appointments can also help catch underlying conditions that could be exacerbated or accelerated by a new addition!
-For dogs in the home, we require rabies, distemper, heartworm testing and preventative. We strongly recommend a lepto and bordetalla vaccination as well, as dogs from the south have more exposure. Heartworm testing is a MUST for southern dogs, and we appreciate seeing that you have already incorporated this care into your own dogs. Heartworm is here too, and testing and preventative purchase demonstrates proactive care. Again, please have your pet up to date on these items PRIOR to applying.
2. Background checks. As we send volunteers into your home, we expect that we can offer them reassurance of safety. If you or an adult in the home have concerning charges on your background check, we offer you the opportunity to share more about the incidents and offer your side. We all make mistakes!
3. Landlord and property managers. BEFORE you apply, talk to your landlord. Make sure you understand their policies and make sure they know you're looking to add a family member. WHEN you apply, include their name and number.
4. Complete your application with care. This seems obvious, but so many come through with incorrect emails, no non-family references, no vet telephone numbers, no landlord information, no birthdates for those in the home. Answer questions with care and double check your answers each time. Remember, this is a screenshot of what you have to offer and using answers like "common sense" or "whatever I feel like" doesn't paint a nice picture.
5. Polite follow ups are always appreciated. Emails threatening to go to a breeder, calling the requirements stupid, or telling volunteers to be more helpful and not so lazy (yes, this happens) will not make us bigger fans of your applications.
We appreciate you reading through this information! While we have never advertised our group as a "one size fits all", we have ALWAYS emphasized high standards for adopters. As a non-profit, volunteer based group, our goal is to move these animals from the worst situations to the very best! Our volunteers put in 10-70 hours a week to make Paddy's Paws possible, and we are so thankful for their time! We are equally thankful for the amazing homes our adopters provide!
Thank you for changing lives!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Paddy's Paws Online Clothing Store

Back by popular demand, Paddy's Paws is running another online store for our supporters to purchase apparel and accessories through Top Promotions. We even have something for your Paddy's Paws' pup! The online store is available from now until the evening of September 10th. Paddy's Paws will receive a portion of each sale, with that money being used to support our mission of helping dogs in need.
We are offering some classic items along with new items like cotton t-shirts,cotton sweatshirts, tank tops, beanie hats, plus extended colors! Please note that the bandannas for the dogs only come in one size and probably would best fit a medium to large dog.
Items will be shipped starting October 1st.

Thank you for your support!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Houston K-911 Rescue Helps Homeless Dogs in Houston

Want to know how you can make a difference and help the homeless dogs of Houston? Please help us recognize and support the tireless efforts of our Houston rescue partners, like Houston K-911 Rescue. They help homeless and neglected dogs 365 days a year, and this week has been no different. Check out just one of the rescues that Houston K-911 Rescue made today. Watch this video to see what they deal with on a daily basis. Then share this video to get the word out. Finally, consider donating to help them with the medical care and daily expenses they have. After Hurricane Harvey, they need our help more than ever. They are a volunteer run organization, just like Paddy's Paws. They need our support. Please help us help them so they can continue to save more dogs in need.
You can send them a donation at: or PayPal to

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Help

Thank you for the incredible outpouring of support! We have been receiving hundreds of messages asking how you can help, and hope this post will serve as a source of information! We will try to get to all messages and email inquiries individually as well! Please be patient! Please also be patient with emails about adoptable dogs and processing applications...we're doing the best we can to keep up.

Image credits: Imgur

It is not clear when vans will be able to get into Houston and out to bring more pooches to foster and adoptive homes. We will update on that as soon as we are able! We will also update on the need for drivers with specific departure dates and times as we have this available!

We are ALWAYS accepting foster applications. This is the same application as our adoptive application and does require all the same steps. Applications can be found at and please put "Foster" in the name of dog section.

We will also be collecting supplies at our transport facility! These supplies will be sent on a weekly basis! Collection dates will be Tuesday, September 5th and Wednesday September 6th at our facility from 9:00-12:00 and 4:00-7:00.
Transport location is W2186 State Road 106 in Jefferson, WI. This is a private property where our pooches arrive on transport Sundays! You will pull down the gravel road, and our facility will be on the righthand side.
If you are going east on Highway 106, there will be a detour as you get closer to the transport location due to construction on a bridge. You will need to turn right on Country Road D. Then turn left on Green Isle Drive which is located across from the Hebron United Methodist Church. You will then took that road until you come out by Kidd's Truck Sales. At the stop sign, you will turn right and be back on Hwy 106. We would suggest giving yourself a few extra minutes for this detour. If you are traveling west on Hwy 106, you will not need to worry about the detour.

Donations and Goods needed:
Sealed, high quality dry and canned food
Puppy Pads
Flea and Tick treatment
Dawn Dishsoap
Collapsable Crates
Dog beds and blankets
Metal Bowls
Rubber Gloves
Harnesses of all sizes
Lysol Wipes
Paper towel
American Made Chewies (rawhides, bully sticks)

Monetary donations are desperately needed in Houston to cover the costs of pending medical care and to replenish supplies!

Houston K911
7531 N Linpar Court
Houston, TX 77040

Lola's Lucky Day
3213 Durango Dr
Pearland, TX 77581

Hooves and Hounds Rescue and Rehabilitation Sanctuary
P.O. Box 336
1090 Isam Lane
Sheridan, TX 77475

Thank you for all your help and patience!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Paddy's Paws 2018 Calendar Launch Party

Join us for our 2018 calendar launch party! September 9th is the first day that our calendars will be available for purchase! We are very excited to share which dogs and photos were used in the calendar! In addition to selling calendars, we will have some raffle baskets and a 50/50 raffle. Plus, our adoptable foster dogs will be making an appearance! Calendars will be sold for $20. Thanks to our generous sponsors, 100% of all sales will go directly to Paddy's Paws!
A huge thank you to Megan O'Leary Photography and Design for taking the beautiful photos and to Jen DeGarmo Cell from FIDO for all of your layout, design, and graphic work. We are so appreciative of your time and talents!

Follow our event on Facebook:

Photo by Megan O'Leary Photography and Design

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Huge Raffle for Paddy's Paws at Bike Night!

To say we are excited about our upcoming Bike Night fundraiser on August 15th, is an understatement! We can't wait until Tuesday! We had volunteers working last night on compiling all of the generous donations from our local communities and supporters and are just in awe. Thanks to our donors...we have OVER 40 baskets just filled with fabulous items. Most baskets easily have a value over $100 or even $200! These photos only share a small portion of the baskets, so you'll have to come check it out in person!
Please help us spread the word about our fundraiser. It is rain or shine, at Boardtracker Harley Davidson in Janesville from 5-9 pm! You do not need to be present to win for our raffle basket drawing, but should be prepared to add your name and number to each ticket. We will also be having 50/50 raffles, live music, beer garden, and adorable Paddy's Paws alumni there to mingle with the crowd!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Woof, Wag, and Wood Sign Creations!

Paddy's Paws is excited to partner with Luminated Inspirations Wine & Sign to have instructor, Michelle Maurer, lead us in creating unique, personalized wood sign creations! 

The cost is $50 per person, with a generous portion of that being donated to Paddy's Paws! We know the dogs will be sharing their "woofs of thanks" and "wagging their tails" for your support! There will be a variety of designs that you will be able to choose from, including non-dog related signs too. Color scheme will also be up to you! All tools, materials, and instructions for making your wood sign are included in the registration cost. This is a DIY workshop where instructor, Michelle Mauerer, will guide you step by step through the process until you have a beautiful sign to take home. You are welcome to bring your own beverages or snacks, with bottled water being provided.

Here is the registration link:

At the time of registration, you will select which wood sign design you would like to create. Keep in mind the more intricate the design and the more words, the more work this DIY project is. There will be limited spots available so we encourage you to register early. Thank you!