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Samson and Marjorie

  There have been a lot of adorable, really young puppies hitting the adoptable list, so Samson and Marjorie want to remind you of the benefits of adopting an older puppy: 1. We’re house-trained = we pee & poo outside. 2. We sleep through the night 3. We are out of the shark bite stage 4. We are less likely to chew up your shoes 5. Did we mention we pee & poo outside? Samson and Marjorie aren’t siblings, but live together in foster and could be adopted together. They are between 6 and 9 months old and great with dogs of all sizes. They haven’t lived with kids or cats, so slow introductions to cats and kids over 7 would be best. They are rescues so no breed is offered, but we would estimate they will top out at about 45 pounds. Interested in adoption? We ask that applicants visit our website at to review our policies and procedures. The application can be found at that site and we recommend using a computer to view and complete the information. Al

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