Scout the Hero Dog!

Scout is a hero! During the recent floods in Houston, volunteers from Houston K-911 Rescue, were called out to help rescue animals that had been abandoned by their owners in the rapidly rising water. When the volunteers arrived in the area they could hear a dog howling and howling but could not see him. They waded through the rising water and tried to follow the sound. They finally located an area where Scout was chained to a fence with only his head above water. While trying to free Scout from his prison they discovered rabbits, chickens and a few other animals. They were able to collect all of the animals and get them to safety. If Scout hadn't continued to howl, none of them would have been found. Scout is our HERO!

Now it's your turn! Can you be a hero for Scout by sharing his photo so he can get adopted? Scout is a husky mix who is good with kids and with dogs. He is traveling to Fort Atkinson on July 17th and would love nothing more than a forever home!