Our Wisconsin dogs are down to only four! While we know that list will fill up again, we think it would be amazing to have all “final four” in their forever homes before our next transport.

Adorable Marjorie is one of the remaining dogs on our Wisconsin adoptable list. It’s a bit of a mystery why she’s still available and been passed over. She’s adorable, young (but not pesky puppy young!), good with other dogs, and quite the snuggler.
Marjorie can be apprehensive in new situations so it’s imperative that she be set up for successful interactions. Going slow will help her feel comfortable and show off her silly side.
Marjorie was found as a stray, so her past is unknown, but we do know what will set her up for a successful future:
* A patient, kind, and confident adoptive family who will recognize their first meet won’t be a true representation of who she is when she has had time to settle in
* An outgoing dog friend to show her the ways of the world and remind her she doesn’t have to be afraid
* Someone who will make equal space in their heart and in their bed
We have to remember that rescues can’t tell us their history, but they can show us what they need. And just like any of us, Marjorie wants the opportunity and time to show you her best self! We’re hoping Marjorie’s person is reading this post and will fill out their application to make her a part of their family!