About Paddy's Paws

Paddy’s Paws believes in “Rescue Done Right!”  Since beginning in late 2014, and officially becoming a nonprofit in November of 2015, Paddy’s Paws has helped over 2,500 dogs find forever homes. The main focus is to find good homes, for good dogs, with good people.  Many of the dogs helped are from Houston, Texas. Why Houston? The Wisconsin-Texas connection stems from a friendship that Paddy’s Paws’ founder, Erin, had with the founder of the Houston-based rescue, Lola’s Lucky Day. After taking a trip to Houston, Erin witnessed firsthand the huge homeless pet population in Houston where many dogs were getting euthanized in shelters due to lack of space. Erin created Paddy’s Paws so that dogs who would normally have no chance, could have their second chance at life. Thanks to a solid foster program and dedicated volunteers, Paddy’s Paws expanded its rescue connections and currently works with three licensed rescues: Hooves and Hounds, Houston K-911 Rescue, and Lola’s Lucky Day. In addition to helping homeless dogs from Houston, it also assists with local owner surrenders in Wisconsin.    

There are many reasons why Paddy’s Paws is unique.  Paddy’s Paws provides animal education to local youth and creates countless community outreach opportunities. In addition to hosting fundraisers for dogs in need, Paddy’s Paws sends all adoption fees to the Houston rescues so they can help save more dogs.  As of July 2019, over $625,000 has been sent back. Paddy’s Paws relies solely on the dedication of fabulous fosters and volunteers and the generous support of their followers. Paddy’s Paws uses its expert match-making skills and thorough approval process to ensure each dog goes to a home that is the best fit. Paddy’s Paws is more than just a rescue...Paddy’s Paws is a family. Always available to support adopters throughout the entire process, Paddy’s Paws takes delight in following the special journey of every dog who comes through the organization.  Thank you for helping Paddy’s Paws change a life...one dog at a time.

More About the Adoption Process

Our adoption process works a bit different than other shelters and rescues! Paddy's Paws serves as a coordinator for Houston rescues. We send out the applications, arrange home visits and secure back up fosters for each of the dogs that will be transported here. Like most foster-based organizations, we do not have a facility and set up all appointments on an individual basis. Prior to any meet and greets, we require an approved application so we will need to go through all the steps before having you meet any of the available dogs here in Wisconsin.

The application, reference checks, and home visit are considered part of the general approval process and we cannot guarantee that a specific dog will still be available when you complete the process, but doing so will get you access to our "match making" service where you will have bios and pictures of multiple dogs that may be exactly what you're looking for! And, of course, there's always the possibility that the dog that sparked your initial interest will still be available!

Begin your application process by filling out an adoption application!

We start with the completed application and then check references/vet records. The next step is a home visit with family and one of our representatives. Once we have gathered all this information, we provide it to the Houston team. Then, we can set up a meet and greet with available dogs.

Essentially, Paddy's Paws provides the volunteer manpower and the rescues, well, do the rescue! Adoptions are approved by the team and transportation is arranged!

Can't adopt, but want to get involved? We will share opportunities to participate in fundraisers, volunteer, and raise awareness for homeless animals!

A few testimonials from our Facebook page:

"We love our rescue pup from Paddy’s. Their volunteers are so helpful and their commitment and dedication to helping find homes for all their animals is amazing. Our adoption process was thorough and I can appreciate that as they want to make sure each pup is placed in a safe and loving forever home."
- Joni Holterman, February 24, 2019

"The process from beginning to end was easy and friendly! If you are looking for a new pup to bring into your family this is the organization to go with. You can tell they truly care for the well being of the animals by the background check, home visit, references and they even want the animal back if it doesn’t work out! The pup we received from them was the best Christmas present ever! Thank you Paddy's Paws for your service and all the love you have for the animals!"

- Jamie Gilpin, December 31, 2018

"I love that they check out the adopters to make sure that each animal will get a good home. We picked up our new family member this weekend and he is everything that they said he was. And the foster family he was with were great. Thank you for caring."

- Diana Lee, November 4, 2018

"About 2 months ago I contacted Paddy's Paws inquiring about a new puppy to join my family and I could not be happier with my new addition. Thank you so much for your care and endless help in bringing this adorable, smart, and charismatic puppy into my life! If you are looking to adopt I strongly encourage you to take a second look at Paddy's Paws. You will not be disappointed. Thank you to all the volunteers and fosters who are always willing and ready to help their adopters at a moments notice!!"

- Josh Ognenoff, August 18, 2017

"Paddy's has been amazing to work with! We have had our guy less then 24 hours but he is amazing! Yesterday was a great experience! I loved that my son got to experience it as well. Everything was well organized, all the people we interacted with were so great! You all do such an amazing thing with these dogs, I am in awe!!"
- Becky Baltazar, January 23, 2017

"Paddy's Paws is simply amazing! The whole process of adopting went smoothly and Erin has been simply wonderful answering any and all questions I have had regarding our rescue. The foster homes in Houston do a great job prepping the dogs before they make the trip and I have been in contact with Max's (Buddy) foster home to check up and ask any questions. If I could give more than a 5 star I would. Paddy's Paws wants the best for every dog coming through and will ensure all steps are taken for a happy dog!"

- Mindy Hornish, November 2, 2016

"If I could give a 10 star I would. I had the most amazing experience working with Paddy's Paws. They are very fast at responding to messages. This rescue cares about the well being of all the animals. I love how they do home visits to make sure the dogs are going into the best home. The home visitor I had was excellent. I recently adopted a wonderful puppy and the foster home she was in was so wonderful for these dogs. The whole family cared for the dogs as they were their own. I can't say enough good about this rescue. I very highly recommend them."

- Katrina Fure, October 9, 2016