Walter - ADOPTED

A fluffy puppy will get a hundred applications while in foster. A low shed dog will have a dozen applications by the end of a day. A Golden Retriever won’t even need to be shared because there will be a list a mile long of approved applications.

But a Walter? He will just want one. One who sees the soulful eyes, a bit heavy from the years of an unkind life, but still hopeful. One who knows his coat isn’t fluffy, but cannot wait to run their hand down his back and remind him that the scars of his past will be nothing compared to the beauty of his future. One who will see his hair on their clothes as a reminder of him when they are away. One who cares little of his pedigree and everything of who he is.
A Walter will wait. He knows the one is worth it. And if there are two? A Walter will celebrate that he’s paved the way for another like him to find their one.
Could you be the one?