Meia is a gorgeous three month old puppy who has the softest fur. She is grateful to be living in a foster home as she was originally being sold with other puppies in a Wal-mart parking lot in Houston. Sadly, you never know the intentions of people who are selling and buying these puppies. Since being rescued, she is enjoying all the perks of living in a loving home. As she is still a puppy, she is working hard on basic manners and potty training. She is an active dog who would love to go on daily walks or runs. She lives with other dogs in her foster home and also several cats. She has done great with them and will only sniff at the cats and then leave them alone. Meia is good on a leash and enjoys going for walks. Meia has also been working on crate training and she’s been sleeping through the night in her kennel. Her adopter is required to get her spayed by six months of age and also attend puppy socialization classes.