Our newest Paddy's Paws family member arrived yesterday. Chex came all the way from Pasadena, Texas, via Lola's Lucky Day in Houston. Most spring breakers head south, but he took the transport van north to find a forever home in Wisconsin! Chex is an adorable dog that has some special needs, but more importantly he is a sweet pup with a strong need to be snuggled! Chex was born without his two front limbs, making walking and movement more difficult. He overcomes his disability by hopping on his back legs and scooting to get around. He is in the process of being fitted for a special doggie wheelchair to help him be more mobile. Chex does great with other dogs and is cat social. Plus, he only weighs around 18 pounds which makes for easy carrying if need be. This five year old mixed breed loves to lay in your lap! Let's find Chex his extra special forever home!