2021 is the “Year of the Mutt”!

2021 is the “Year of the Mutt”! Almost all of our rescue dogs are a delightful blend of many breeds and we think that’s awesome. We also think there’s no need to label or make guesses unless we’re certain of breed. And that doesn’t happen often!

You’ll notice our Adopt-a-pet listings are now simply listing our pooches as mixed breed, along with their known or estimated ages, and current or predicted sizes. As we learn more about them in foster, we will share with your their characteristics, personalities, and preferences by updating their profiles. We’d much rather share who they are rather than what they might be!

Please note, not all of our dogs are listed publicly so we strongly suggest filling out an application for “preapproval” and keeping your mind and heart open for matches if approved. As always, we make no guarantees that all applications can or will be approved and do our best as a volunteer rescue. There’s no shortage of wonderful rescue and shelter organizations so we recommend working with multiple groups. An adoption from any organization is a win for the rescue world!