Harlow is one beautiful girl! This precious girl was rescued from a kill shelter in Houston. She has big hopeful brown eyes and a darling underbite. She's a small black lab mix, which is a great combo- manageable size and weight, black (our favorite color), active, fun-loving, smart as a whip, affectionate, and very loyal. Harlow is a bundle of energy and loves squirrels with all her heart. If shecould, she would climb a tree to get one who teases her. And when she's back from her walk or run or park time retrieving tennis balls like a pro, she will stand at the window for hours watching the squirrels play or birds in the trees like she's watching TV. Harlow is young, but she has learned her house manners. She is a very quick learner and loves to please- knows sit, wait, drop it, walks well on a leash and loves to play fetch! She likes to learn new things and then will practice her talents and she loves her success, so she will benefit from continued training. She can entertain herself quietly watching for squirrels and birds in the glass windows and doors, then comes in to visit her foster mom for petting and loving. She sometime chooses to lie by her person, but is also independent and grown up enough to choose to go lay in her open kennel or on her bed in another room. She would do best in a home with active dogs and children that are a little older. She has the energy level of a young Labrador Retriever, so she needs an active household and plenty of exercise. If you would like to make this great girl a member of your family, please complete an adoption application at paddyspaws.blogspot.com She hopes to travel to Wisconsin on June 23rd!