Pictures just can't do Delilah justice. Delilah is a one of a kind pup. She has this uniquely remarkable coat with markings on each side and great green eyes to compliment it. Besides being beautiful, she is smart and sweet. We are not sure what breed or breed mixes she would be, but looking at her paws, she will be a sturdy dog when she grows up. As of early June, she is about 12 weeks old and weighs around 18 pounds and is growing. Delilah is both social and affectionate with others. She adores the foster family members and all the food, love, and attention they give her. Delilah will make a great addition to a home or family, there is a lot to love about her. Delilah and her sister Darcy want to travel to Wisconsin on June 23rd. They each would love an approved adopter. Fill out an application at