Mama Sophie

Happy Mother's Day to all of the "dog moms" out there! We wanted to highlight one of our special mama dogs today who is coming to Wisconsin next Sunday. Mama Sophie was saved from a breeding turned hoarding situation with her 4 puppies. As you can see, Mama Sophie is recovering from a horrendous case of mange where she lost all her hair. Sophie lived her life in a small kennel with her babies, covered in filth and their waste. The owners didn't even know she had puppies until they were saved. We are very thankful for the amazing volunteers that saved these precious souls and gave them a chance to live and thrive. Mama Sophie is learning what it is to be loved by humans. She enjoys her baths multiple times a week and loves to be held. She enjoys playing with her puppies and other dogs. She doesn't mind cats either. She is working hard on becoming housetrained. After all she's been through, she loves the company of humans and we can't wait for her to find a family of her own where she will continue to see what love is. Learn more about Mama Sophie at