KeKe is a spunky little girl, who rarely sits still unless she is in your arms cuddling! She is so well behaved and listens to every command her foster mom gives her. These commands are: go lay down, stay in the yard, go to your "room", and get down or off. . KeKe is very cat like in some ways, as she likes to hide behind things and then sneak up on you. She has the cutest most unique little underbite smile that she uses to get herself out of trouble with, although she hasn't gotten into any real trouble at all! KeKe does not chew things up or get into anything that isn't her own dog toys or chews. She is all around a very well mannered, spunky, and playful little doll who would be the perfect addition to a fun and active family. Her owner relinquished her because she is working too many hours and unable to provide the life KeKe needs. This little princess looks forward to arriving in Wisconsin on May 19th! Fill out an application at