Little Sammy was brought to the Harris County Shelter in Houston. His owner had been hospitalized after having a stroke and little Sammy was left behind in the home. He went undetected for several weeks. When a family member happened to stop by the home they were horrified and brought him to the shelter for help. When he was brought to the shelter he was emaciated and dehydrated. The shelter staff was very worried about his prognosis. A Lola's Lucky Day volunteer spotted him at the shelter and knew he needed some special TLC. He was taken to a foster home where he could be monitored. Initially he was so weak and had to be hand fed....but as the days passed....he grew stronger and his little personality began to shine! Within a few weeks he doubled his body weight! Initially 3 lbs., Sammy is now a robust 6 lbs! Thankfully Sammy is now a healthy and happy pup! He is one year old and is ready to start his new life in Wisconsin. Sammy loves dogs and loves the 10 year old girl who is currently fostering him with her family. Due to his small size, we are recommending a home with older children. He arrives in Wisconsin next weekend and would love an approved adopter! Fill out an application at