Become a Foster!

"Fostering isn't easy. You take them into your home and treat them as your own. You spoil them with treats and toys. You teach them that the world isn't always scary or cruel. You fall in love with them and they fall in love with you. They get to experience "home" and that is a beautiful thing.

The bed gets smaller, the schedule gets hectic, the floors need more cleaning and there is a never ending explosions of stuffed toys. And that is a life-adjusting kind of thing.

Then you let them go. And you cry. And you miss them. And for awhile, they will miss you. It hurts and it's hard, but they have found their forever. And that is a bittersweet thing.

You may think "I could never do that". But you can. You can because deep down you know that if you don't, others won't ever have a chance. They'll never get an in-between home or a forever home. And that is a horrible thing.

Please consider fostering. It's a life changing thing."

President of Paddy's Paws

Paddy's Paws is looking for fosters who live in Wisconsin and who are within 45 miles of Fort Atkinson. Learn more about fostering or fill out a foster application at

Photo by Paige Dawn Photography​