Luna Needs Your Love

Are you looking to make a difference and spread the love this Valentine's Day? Then support Luna! Luna is the sweetest girl you will ever meet! She is currently one of our foster dogs and at 11 months old is sadly a candidate for hip replacements. She was surrendered to a high kill shelter in Texas in this condition. Thankfully a wonderful foster family in Wisconsin has welcomed her into their home until she can find her forever home. Despite Luna's struggles in life, her disposition is amazing. She is loyal and loves unconditionally. While we don't know for sure, her back end troubles could have been caused due to over-breeding a mom or dad with bad hips, not enough exercise, or excessive time in a kennel. Regardless, she walks like a runway model. Her disability does not stop her from playing, romping through the snow, or just being her jolly dog-self. Paddy's Paws cares for every single dog that enters our rescue and we will do all we can to give Luna the best quality life.

Paddy’s Paws is currently looking into all options to give this beautiful girl the quality life she deserves. We are in the process of consulting with the UW Veterinary Hospital to learn the best plan of action. In honor of Luna this Valentine's Day, would you consider giving $5-$10 to help with her care plan and potential surgery needs? Every donation will go a long way in helping Luna walk without pain or falling down the steps or just sitting like a dog should. Help spread love by making a difference for Luna! Thank you for your support! You may donate directly through this Facebook post or to find other ways to donate visit