Iver and Loki

This Valentine's Day, Iver and Loki are looking for love, understanding, and lots of patience. They are a bonded pair of gentle brothers who cannot be separated. They are each other's 'security blankets.' They are looking for a home that is a special as they are and will be open to welcoming them both together. Loki and Iver came to their Wisconsin foster on Christmas Eve from a horrific hoarding situation where conditions were very bad. They had to fend for themselves since puppy hood. They were not socialized appropriately, nor had they ever received vet care. But for Christmas they got a new chance to be the dogs they were born to be!
Now fully vetted, neutered and coming out of their shell they are happily living in a foster home with several other dogs of various sizes. They are learning to enjoy the sofa and being petted and meeting strangers. They have recently decided that they prefer to hang out with the other dogs in the living room, instead of hiding in their crate. Way to go! They are still reserved with new human people, but greet new dogs with enthusiasm. They are crate trained (must be crated together in one crate) and house trained. They love the new freedom of frolicking off leash in the fenced yard with other dogs.
Iver and Loki have come such a along way in a short time, but they still have a long road ahead to become the secure and confident dogs we see new glimpses of every day. It took over a month before Iver made a single noise - and now he talks to his foster family all the time. Adopters should anticipate an investment of six months to a year before Iver and Loki will get close to reaching what their new normal will be ... in a stable home that can provide understanding, support and love.
If you are looking for a rewarding project to take on and want to make a difference, these boys are ready to fill someone's heart with a whole lot of meaning, enrichment and love.
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