Elvis continues to have a huge smile on his face, despite what happened to him earlier in his life. He was originally found as a stray at a dirt bike race track in a rural area in Texas by a very nice man. Elvis had been wandering around to all the different campsites there looking for something to eat. The man asked the owner of the property if Elvis belonged to them and she told him that he did not and that he had been dumped there around 3 months ago. She even shared that she had told her staff to shoot Elvis if they saw him roaming in the area again. Thankfully the man intervened and eventually got Elvis connected to the rescue Hooves and Hounds Rescue and Rehab Sanctuary- 501c3. Here in Wisconsin we could never imagine doing that to a dog, so that is why we want to bring him here so he can be treasured and spoiled. Elvis appears to be some kind of hound mix that could be around 3-4 years old. He is about 60 pounds of pure love. He is handsome, very sweet, and gentle! He had done great with housetraining and is not a big barker. He loves chilling with his foster family or hanging out and splashing in the shallow end of the pool. He gets along with dogs of all sizes and is super laid back and easy going. Elvis especially likes bully sticks and puzzle toys that contain hidden treats inside. Plus, he knows to sit for treats. He loves meal time and will even do a wiggle butt dance for you. Elvis deserves to finally find his forever home. We would love for him to be able to travel to Wisconsin on February 10th.