All About Our Adoption Process

Our adoptable list is filled with cuteness! And that means our applications and emails will be flooded! It’s a good thing! In order to help our volunteers do their “job”, we need your help and cooperation...and understanding!

1. Please review the application policies BEFORE applying. We have some very clear guidelines set by our team of experts in Houston and Wisconsin. These guidelines are set to help our rescue dogs succeed, which is our number one goal. We fully acknowledge that not all potential applicants will be a match for our program. For example, if your adult pets aren’t altered, your vet history or current care doesn’t doesn’t meet the requirements, or pets aren’t allowed in your property, please don’t apply. We don’t share this to be “meanies” and request that you respect our time and policies. Please don’t threaten, insult, or harass our volunteer team because it’s not a match; that’s being a stinker and no one likes a stinker.

2. Please read dog biographies. If the biography shares a child age restriction, a requirement for another dog companion, or a fenced yard, please respect that. These restrictions are set by those who know their fosters best and know what will set them up for a happy and healthy future!

3. All of the above sound good? Great! Get started on that application! Make sure you’ve called your vet and released permission and talked to your property manager (if applicable), and that you've filled out your application thoughtfully and completely! Politely follow up and be patient with us, please.

4. Understand that it may not go your way...and that’s okay. The dog you thought should be yours might go to another fabulous home...and that’s great for that dog! You may be too far away and end up going through another shelter or rescue...and that’s awesome for you and that dog! Remember, we’re volunteers. Cheer us on for doing our best and support all groups that do the same!

Thank you!

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Finn is the golden mix pictured in this post and is available for adoption.