Piggy is one sweet senior dog hoping for her lucky break. She's been posted on our adopt-a-pet site for quite some time and just recently learned that she has no one meeting her this weekend and will now need to stay back behind in Texas. We would love to change that for Piggy! 

Piggy is an 11 year old pug. Don't let her age or her bowed legs fool you, she is full of spunk and love! She will be the first in the kitchen for any meals or snack time and has the cutest little bark when she is excited or wants attention. This gal is a true lap dog who enjoys plush beds and soft blankies. Currently, she lives with an 8 month-old baby, as well as, one large and one small dog. She loves the company of all 3, but the baby gives the best pets and cuddles.

Piggy will head to the door to wait when she needs to potty and is crate-trained but her foster mom usually lets her free roam the house since she is such a good girl. Due to having several teeth pulled, she does prefer a soft food diet.

When Piggy came into the rescue she underwent surgery to remove a tumor from her eye and belly but the good news is that she healed perfectly and she is ready to head to her forever home!