Tessa Jade (TJ)

There are no photos that can do justice in showing the true beauty of Tessa Jade, also known as TJ. She has very unique eyes and coloring. This sweet girl is between 7-8 months old and was born in foster care after her very pregnant mother was saved. Paddy's Paws helped get Tessa Jade's sister adopted last month, so we would love to do the same for her. Tessa Jade is a very sweet and loving dog, yet has not received a single application. She loves running and playing with other dogs and keeps up with them really well. Her foster is currently working on potty training and crate training. She is very good about going into her crate when it is time to do so. She is good about sharing her food at feeding time and sharing her toys when playing. TJ's ideal home would be one where she has the room to run and play when she wants to and a comfy couch that she can curl up on with her owner and snuggle. She would like to be with someone that can take her on daily walks, car rides and let's her play with other dogs.