Pepper Anne

Meet Pepper Anne, one of our dogs waiting patiently in her foster home.
Pepper was adopted as a puppy a few years ago and was returned when a life change prevented her owner from keeping her in his family. As humans, we can comprehend life changes and what it can lead to. We know that a return means entry to a foster home. It's not our job to judge, nor does it do any good. It's our job to help. We know it will be an adjustment, and that with time and patience, our fosters will learn the ropes and settle in.
But dogs don't know that. They don't know what a life change is. They don't know what being returned means. They don't understand the concept of foster home. They just know that their world is different. It doesn't smell the same, sound the same, look the same. They don't know the people, the animals , or the routine. Their world is turned upside down.
Pepper is blessed with an incredible foster home, where she is treated like family and loved completely. She has no time limit there, nor is she rushed to find the first family that comes along. But she is waiting. She is waiting for the right family to offer her that same patience, time, and love so that she can transition from foster to forever.
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