We can't believe this little cutie hasn't found his forever home yet! He is so full of life and fun and would bring great joy to a family. Dante is a darling 12 lb Dachsund and Toy Fox Terrier Mix. He is estimated to be a little over a year old. He has a beautiful coat with a nice saddle pattern on his back. Dante is extremely social and gives kisses to everyone he meets. He likes other dogs his size but we have found he loves to be with people. Dante will chase a ball but he has not got the hang of bringing it back to you. He loves toys and entertains himself with about a dozen toys on rotation. He is doing well walking on a leash. Dante does spend a couple of hours each day in a crate. Although it is not his favorite, he settles down quickly and naps during that time. Play time is energetic after kennel time followed by snuggling with his people. He is mostly house trained. Dante is quick on his feet and has no difficulty jumping up onto furniture or a tall bed. He loves to run in his foster home's fenced in back yard with his foster siblings.
Due to Dante's energy and high jumping ability, his ideal home probably would include older children as he may knock over toddlers and little ones when he is excited. He is not aggressive, but is a toy hoarder and steals toys from the other dogs and cats. Dante loves his two foster cat brothers. They are unique cats in that they love to wrestle and play with him. Most cats would not appreciate his attention. His preference would be to be able to snuggle in his owner's bed and particularly likes to burrow under a blanket.