All You Need is Love and a Dog!

All you need is love and a dog(or two)! Paddy's Paws has been humbled by all of the love and support given to us over the past two weeks for our t-shirt and tank-top fundraiser sale. As of early this morning we have sold 112 clothing items and received $1,080 in additional donations beyond what we will get from the t-shirt sales. Your support means so much to us! With this money we will be able to help with the medical expenses of the dogs in our foster program. This next weekend we will also be renting a van so that our volunteers can meet one of our Houston rescue partners half-way to bring more homeless dogs to Wisconsin. As we are 100% volunteer run, we rely on these fundraisers and the donations of our supporters. Thank you for being proof that all we need is love and a dog! You have until Tuesday to place an order online for a shirt. Here is the link to order:

Thank you for making a difference!