Rescue Done Right

As popularity of our rescue grows, the pictures are shared far and wide! It's an amazing thing! What comes along with this, however, isn't always amazing. We will inevitably get the emails, comments, and messages sharing how ridiculous the process is, requesting that we hurry up their application, or shaming us for "missing out on them". Don't get us wrong; a friendly check in to see how the process is going is ALWAYS appreciated, but threats to go to a breeder, calling the process stupid, or criticizing the lack of volunteers truly doesn't hurry up your process.
Will there be applications that do not get selected? Yes. Will there be hundreds of applicants for one dog? Sometimes. Will our dogs get a great home? Absolutely. Will it be yours? Not always. Remember, this is a volunteer run organization. What does that mean? It means that every person involved dedicates their free time to this rescue simply out of the goodness of their heart. They aren't paid, they can't get everywhere, and they won't always meet your preferred timeline. We offer up every visit, and we respect that our volunteers have the right to choose where they can go and when they can go. We need more people like that (and maybe you want to be a home visit representative? Yes?! Email!
We aren't in the "business" to do things faster. We are in the "business" to do things right. Our dogs wait for their homes in the most amazing foster spots. They aren't in a hurry to get moved!
This year to date, we have adopted 151 incredible dogs to incredible homes. 6 of those 151 dogs turned out not be be a match (despite the homes being a fabulous place to land). That's a 96% success rate in match making and it's pretty darn outstanding. Why do we have such a success rate? Because we take our time and stay true to our process. We don't skip a few steps, speed things up, or go against our rescue "guts". We call your vets, we check your backgrounds, we verify your property restrictions, and we review your applications extensively (all while working full-time, "real" jobs). We don't just overlook poor vet history, or turn a blind eye to rehoming history. We recognize that a home visit is an integral part of bringing a dog home. We 100% understand it won't be a process that will work for everyone. We don't aim to place more, faster...we aim to place many, perfectly. We are quality over quantity.
You develop thick skin in the rescue world. You'll give it your all, have your heart broken a million times...and keep going. Our priority and focus is the best interest of the dogs, and that may not always work in your favor. So remember, when you send that nasty email, post that snarky're doing so to a group that simply operates on kindness and love. Don't be a stinker.