Angel, the six-year old nine pound chihuahua, is in search of an angel of his own. We'd love for him to receive his very own hasn't happened yet....but he's keeping the faith. He was rescued by animal control along with 50 plus other chihuahuas in a hoarding situation in Houston. He then spent a couple of months at the SPCA waiting for the court to release him fully to the SPCA. 48 hours after that, Lola's Lucky Day pulled him and brought him into a foster home. The stress from the days and years before literally melted away and you could tell he knew he was headed to a better life... the life he deserves. Despite his past, he is a tail wagging happy little dog with a scruffy exterior but a heart that soaks in all the love you can give him. He rewards you with love, kisses and just pure joy on his face. He arrives in Wisconsin this weekend and would love a forever home!