Taco, Taquito, Tater, Toast, Tuna, and Turkey

Paddy's Paws is busy getting ready for the new year...which means more pups to save and more transports! These six cuties are traveling to Wisconsin on January 7th and are all searching for approved adopters. Meet Taco, Taquito, Tater, Toast, Tuna, and Turkey. These pups are part of a litter of seven. Their mom, Juno, was roaming Houston’s streets for months and when she was trapped the rescue discovered she had puppies due any day. Juno went straight into a foster home where she could safely deliver and raise her adorable babies. Mom is roughly 14lbs and dad is a mystery so their full grown weight is only a guess but we expect them to be small/medium size. They are terrier mixes and will be eight weeks old at time of travel.