We've been sharing a lot of puppies available for adoption lately, but now we have a special senior girl who needs your help. Please share her story so she can have a happy-ever-after. Paddy's Paws was contacted about this sweet girl, who is a local owner surrender. For the past couple of years she had been living in a garage kennel with very little interaction or attention. She was not allowed in the house and was basically ignored. Thankfully, a neighbor intervened and offered to temporarily take Lacie until she could find a forever home where she would be appreciated. She contacted Paddy's Paws to help her. When the neighbor went to officially pick up Lacie, she discovered that a new puppy had already been bought by this family. After being disappointed by her previous humans, Lacie deserves more from life, especially as she is a senior girl who is 10-12 years. We would love for Lacie to have a chance to live out her golden years with a wonderful an indoor dog!
Lacie does well with other dogs and cats, but pays no attention to them. She had experience with both in her temporary foster home after being saved from the garage situation. She also doesn't show an interest in toys but it is probably due to the fact of never having any or no one to play with. She really seeks out the attention and love from any human who will give it to her. Lacie is very underweight (only 42lbs) and gobbles down her food as she was probably unsure when she would get her next meal in her previous situation. She is not food aggressive at all and will let you take items away from her. Her neighbor who saved her said Lacie is genuinely the sweetest dog you will ever meet and just wants love, attention, and human contact. She loves to go on car rides and does well on walks!