Information about Paddy's Paws

It seems that it is time for a Paddy's Paws refresher course! We have seen a lot of negativity lately...and that is especially disheartening for those who dedicate their time and hearts to non-profit work.
Jesse is available for adoption!
1. Paddy's Paws is a 501c3 rescue partner who works to help coordinate excellent homes for homeless dogs (and sometimes cats!). We do not have any paid staff and do not have a facility where dogs are kept (we are foster based). We have 3 volunteers who monitor email and process applications. Yes, 3. And all three have full-time jobs. We receive about 300 emails, Facebook messages, or other correspondences per day. We answer them all.
We have 19 homevisit representatives for the entire state of Wisconsin. We receive around 20 applications per average day. All applications are processed in 1-2 business day (unless your vet or landlord information causes delays). We then await a homevisit representative. Remember, we have 19 for the entire state. All with full-time jobs. We can't get everywhere. We wish we could.
2. Paddy's Paws does not make money. Again, we don't have any paid staff. We send ALL adoption fees back to our Houston team members. They use this to chip away at the insurmountable debt that rescue medical causes. We fundraise for any medical needs after they arrive in Wisconsin.
3. While we do appreciate that not all folks will be able to afford the $250 adoption fee, it is important to educate on the actual costs that go into a rescue dog pre-adoption, as most people have a misunderstanding of what it costs.
Health certificate and final exam prior to travel across state lines: $45
Minimum of 2-3 weeks in foster care: $25 for food costs, $15 for kennel cost $5 for leash, collar, and tag=$45/month
Rabies vaccination and 1 round of DHLPP: $30 plus $25 office fee=$55
Microchip: $15
Second round of DHLPP: $15 plus $25 office fee =$40
Neuter with bloodwork: $105
Heartworm test $25, plus preventative $10=$35
Flea and tick meds: $5.00
2 fecal tests with dewormer: $30
Total average cost for a healthy dogs=$375 (add an extra 2 weeks quarantine and $150 for the 75% of dogs who suffer from a URI, add an extra $100-300 for those who require dentals, add $500 for a dog who needs heartworm treatment, $1,000-$5000 for those who have needed surgery, amputation)
This does NOT include puppy pads, bleach, paper towel, formula, special diets. This does NOT include costs per trip to cover travel expenses, such as gas, lodging, insurance, cleaning fees, laundry, food, etc. And again, we have no city or county funding, no shelter, no staff and all money is raised through donations.
4. We are people with big hearts. Remember that when you feel the need to criticize. Everyone in this group does this out of the kindness of their hearts, and for nothing more. Remember that we give up our time with family and friends, that we dedicate almost every weekend for transport, that we start right when we wake up and end right before we go to bed. Remember that we cry on a regular basis for the ones we cannot save, and give everything we can to the ones we do. Please. If you want something done better, offer your help. Offer your time.
5. We are making a difference. You are helping us. We thank you, our volunteers, our families, and our friends. We will rise above the negativity...and sometimes others need a gentle reminder to be kinder.