Please Donate for Kylie!

Recently we were connected to an older gentleman who needs to surrender his 12-year-old Rough Collie.The gentleman is having trouble getting around and had to move to an apartment where he could not take the dog. Kylie, (the dog's name) has been left for THREE weeks alone in the owner's former home. Someone comes there daily to feed her, but she is not eating much anymore. She is most likely depressed and missing the companionship of her owner. This is no way for a dog to spend her senior years.
After having a volunteer meet Kylie on Friday, we were able to immediately assess that she is in desperate need of vet care (including a dental cleaning) and grooming. We are hoping to raise $500 to help defer some of the cost for these expenses. If you could please find it in your heart to consider a donation to help this girl, we would greatly appreciate it. All donations are tax-deductible.
We will continue to update our followers on Kylie and her progress as we hope to find her a forever home once we know she's on the road to recovery. Donations can be made directly to Paddy's Paws by clicking on the Donate tab on this webpage. Thank you!