The Importance of Proper Vet Care

Why are we so adamant that our potential adopters show a responsible medical history for their pets? Because innocent rescue dogs lose their lives every day to preventable diseases.

Sweet Piggy's 6 babies lost their fight with distemper, and she barely held on. These precious lives were amongst the dozens and dozens our rescue team lost in one month to distemper. They all missed out on their opportunity to come to Wisconsin and enjoy the good life because they came into contact with dogs that were unvaccinated.
Gracie passed from the advanced stages of heartworm. Why? Because her owner failed to give her a simple, monthly preventative. She is one of thousands and thousands that will contract heartworm. Some will lose their lives, and others will cost our rescuers countless dollars to save.
Here's what we look for when we make our vet calls: an up-to-date rabies vaccination, up-to-date DHLPP, and a yearly heartworm test and purchase of preventative. We like to see regular and timely vet appointments...meaning that you go in yearly, rather than just before you're applying to a rescue. Many folks may argue that over-vaccination can be harmful, or do not want to continue in advanced age. So what should we see if you opt out of vaccinations? A yearly or regular wellness check and a note in your file that you discussed vaccinations (and don't forget your cats!). Perhaps you went the route of titers, maybe you opt for the three year vaccination plan...either way, we want to know that you are having these discussions with your vet.
We know this won't please everyone and that's okay. Our Houston rescues are coming from the worst situations...and we want them to end up in the best. Are we picky? Darn right. We owe that to the Houston rescue teams who dedicate their own lives to saving these lives. We aren't in a hurry to place our dogs in the first home that expresses interest. We want them to go to adopters who will keep them safe and protected, and we are happy to keep them in their loving foster homes until that happens. We cannot save them all...but we can do our darnedest to ensure the best for those we can.