Meet Bevo!

Bevo is hoping that someone will apply to adopt him. He hasn't received a single application. He is headed to Wisconsin next Sunday and would love to hear that there is someone who wants him.
Bevo came into rescue in September of 2015. His finder picked him up off the street where he was starving and hurt. After he was saved, he was taken to the vet where he received proper medical attention. Bevo is now healthy and thriving in his foster home and would love nothing more than a forever home. Bevo is a lap loving dog who enjoys cuddling. He would be on the sofa all day with you if you let him. He loves toys, playing with his favorite dog playmates, and riding in the car. He is friendly to cats and likes everyone he meets. Bevo sleeps in a crate at night but would prefer to sleep in a dog bed. Bevo knows come and sit. He loves to go on walks when the volunteers come to the ranch. Bevo is a terrier/hound mix who is approximately a year and half and currently weighs 12 pounds.