Meet Jacques!

Hi! My name is Jacques. I am currently living in a foster home in Fort Atkinson. I would love to have a family adopt me. Please read my entire biography for all the information the rescuers have about me and how to adopt me!
Jacques was rescued from a horrible situation in a puppy mill and is now living in a loving foster home. Jacques is super sweet and has a very gentle soul! As he is more quiet and reserved, he does need time to feel comfortable before he can show his personality and feel safe in his surroundings. Jacques prefers a quiet, calm environment where he can just relax in peace. He enjoys taking naps and curling up in your lap. As Jacques is not a fan of loud noises or sudden movement, a home with older children or adults-only would be the perfect spot for him. He is not aggressive at all, instead he just gets frightened and cowers if he is surprised.
Jacques is crate trained and is doing well with his potty training. He would probably benefit from having a fenced yard as he prefers to go to the bathroom off-leash. Jacques does fine with being in the company of other dogs but prefers to not engage in rough house play with them. He likes to watch from the sidelines instead. Jacques does not live with cats, but when he was around one, he didn't pay it much attention at all. Jacques does great on a leash and likes to go on slow, leisurely walks. He would love to have an adopter who is very patient and willing to take their time with him. He weighs approximately 15 pounds and is six years old.

Our process includes an approved application, reference checks, a homevisit and a meet and greet. Please note that preference is given to adopters in Wisconsin, but out of state adoptions will be considered.
Adoption fee is $250.