Meet Junior!

Life hasn't been easy for Junior. Pulled from a high kill shelter as a baby, Junior was exposed to the viral disease call distemper. His time in foster was very worrisome, as his loving foster home feared he would succumb to the disease. With a very small chance of survival, Junior beat the odds and survived! Distemper did leave its mark, and Junior has some tics from the disease. These tics don't interfere with his day to day, or his outgoing personality. In fact, if you play "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift, he'll just appear to be keeping the beat!
When he was healthy enough, he traveled to Wisconsin to meet his awaiting family. He had doggie brothers and sisters awaiting him, and little kiddos as visitors. While we wish this could be the happy end to this's unfortunately not.
Junior will be losing his family by the end of this month. He has been with his family for almost a year and is great with other dogs and small children. He is outgoing and affectionate, house trained, up to date on vaccinations and would make a great addition to almost any family.
Junior needs a new happy ending. Can you help us re-write the end to his story? Please share Junior so that he can find his forever.  Learn more about Junior here!