Meet Jack!

Hi! My name is Jack!
Please read my entire biography for all the information the rescuers have about me and how to adopt me!
I am a 60# lab mix (my foster mom says "heavy on the lab"). My previous owners got me from the shelter, but then they left me out in the yard all the time and said they didn't have enough time for me. I almost went back to the shelter, but my foster mom swooped in and saved me! I'm now living the life! I am now living in a foster home in Fort Atkinson.
I love to snuggle on the bed, but I also like to sometimes cuddle up on the floor with my blanket. My foster mom and dad taught me how to use the dog door, and I know how to sit when I'm told. I'm really sweet and would benefit from obedience training to help me develop the manners a big pup needs!I  People say I have the energy of a puppy, but I'm in an adult's body. I like to be close to my people; I was awfully lonely out in that yard! I would do best with a playmate who is as active as me, and not a little pooch. - I know I need to be gentle, but I get so excited so small children or seniors may get knocked down by my exuberance. I give great puppy-dog eyes, and I look dark chocolate brown in the sunshine. I'm really handsome, and I'm really awesome, and I give sweet kisses. If you would like to give me a chance, I will make you very happy! Fill out an application today, and maybe we can be best friends FOREVER!.