Meet Ron!

Hi! My name is Ron. I will be traveling to Wisconsin on March 6. I would love to have a family waiting for me when I arrive.
Please read my entire biography for all the information the rescuers have about me and how to adopt me!
On February 13th, Lola's Lucky Day volunteers were working at the Harris County Shelter. They were still there past the time they had gone around and decided which dogs were to be put to sleep that day. Ron's card was one of those. One of the volunteers brought Ron out and he was soooooooooo happy!!! They gave him a bath and he could barely contain his excitement! They decided that they couldn't let anything bad happen to him so they scooped him up to safety!
They were very surprised when the vet aged him at only 4 months old! They think he will get to be rather large. Ron loves going for walks and playing with other dogs. He has a lot of puppy energy so needs someone that has time to devote to him for burning that off. He would benefit from a puppy class. He is a quick learner and loves attention! Ron is mostly housebroken and learning quick. He is a good boy who loves everyone!!
Ron has not been cat tested, but can be upon request.
Our process includes an approved application, reference checks, a homevisit and a meet and greet. Please note that preference is given to adopters in Wisconsin, but out of state adoptions will be considered. Adoption fee is $250.