Meet Bingo!

Bingo is a young, maltipoo (Maltese/poodle) mix who is already neutered, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs. 

For two weeks I had seen this little matted ball of fur from across a busy street in the driveway of a very unlivable trailer park. Initially I didn't even think it was a dog because from afar it looked like a small rock in the driveway because this thing was right in the middle of where big cars would drive into. I realized as days went on this was a living creature and that is when I knew this dog needed to be saved. September 28th, I drove into this trailer park determined to save a life... what I found was beyond words. It was not just one little dog there were many dogs in deplorable conditions. These dogs had been abandoned by their owners for quite a while and as I later found out the trailer park land had been sold and the residents only had 30 days to evacuate.
Bingo's freedom ride was memorable because he was so happy running and playing in the dirt driveway he called home for all his puppy life. Luckily that was only 6 months, according to the vet he is still a puppy who is very healthy, heart-worm negative and has great teeth. He has bonded very well with my pack of poodles and big dogs which are a Lab and Pit mix. Bingo loves to play ball and chase everything a puppy with high energy demands. He loves to run and play with my child, but the play is always supervised as children can be rough and we all know puppies also need lots of supervision.
Bingo still loves to play in the dirt and would ideally be an amazing agility dog because he loves to run so much in our big yard. He is friendly with our outside cats but tends to bark at them for attention. Bingo weighs approximately 14 pounds.
If you are looking to add a very affectionate love bug with high energy to your family or pack Bingo is the dog for you. Since he is a puppy he will give you a lifetime of happy memories.  Bingo is currently in a foster home in Jefferson, Wisconsin and would love for you to adopt him!