Meet Elaine!

Elaine is a toy fox terrier mix who is already spayed, house trained, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and good with cats.

As I walked through aisles of the shelter, I was struck by a tiny ball of fear crouched in the corner of a kennel on a cold, wet cement floor next to a grate. She looked up at me and when she saw my eyes meet hers. She quickly turned away as if she was ashamed to bother me. I stood and starred at her, all the while the two roommates she shared the kennel with were jumping and competing for my attention. But this little girl's tiny little presence, as much as she so desperately just wanted to disappear, was drawing me. It was discovered that she was turned into the shelter days earlier and her time to be noticed and adopted had expired. This was her day...her time was up. The previous owner didn't even have a name for her. Lola's Lucky Day saw this story needed a different ending.
After several days of being unsure of her surroundings, her little face lit up and she was so happy to be alive!! I cried and she licked the tears from my face. It was like finally she just knew now how wonderful she really is. Today she lives with my pack of 9 other dog and a spoiled rotten cat She is timid initially, but if you give her space she will welcome you to love on her. She enjoys being outside in the sun and coming into lay on her special warm and soft bed on the corner of the couch. She is an amazing tiny angel and will be an awesome addition to a calm home or a home with older children. She has the option to travel to Wisconsin on January 3rd but needs to have an approved adopter waiting to meet her.

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