Meet Blackie!

Blackie is two years old and stands proud at 55lbs with a shiny, soft, black coat. In the beginning, he was underweight, exhausted, and slowly losing hope living on the mean Houston streets. However, since being rescued, he has quickly adjusted and loves knowing what a spoiled dog life is all about.
He loves to run and play in the yard with his foster siblings as well as lay and relax on the living room floor. He’s very easy going so if you want to binge on Netflix for the whole day, he’s right there with you. If you want to take a walk or throw a Kong around the yard, he’s down for that too. Blackie is great on leash, 100% housebroken and kennel trained! Overall, he is a very well behaved boy! Once Blackie knows you, he’s very affectionate and loving. He likes adults as well as children!
Blackie seems to adore the female dogs and is fine with small males. His best friend is a 20lb Min Pin, and they play tug a war daily! Blackie also loves puppies. Anytime his foster has puppies, he tends to them as if they were his own. However, male dogs his size or larger tend to scare him and are not a suitable fit for him. Blackie can also jump a 4' fence, so he will need to be kept on a lead when outside for potty breaks and walks.
Blackie has a lot of love to offer and he’s ready to have a family of his own. He has the option to travel to Wisconsin on January 3rd but needs to have an approved adopter waiting to meet him.
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