Meet Angela Basset!

Angela Basset is already spayed, up to date with shots, good with dogs, and good with cats.
This girl is a true beauty and bright eyed sweetheart of a dog with a cute speckled bubblegum tongue! Angela Basset is a Basset mix (go figure) with possibly Beagle or another breed in the mix, but she has the squatty legs and long body stature that is undeniably Basset Hound.
Now, Angela Basset is her stage name, but she says you can call her Angie or anything you'd like if she can hang out with you forever. She's a medium sized dog with a great attitude and polite demeanor. Not too boisterous or high energy- still knows how to have a good time and play, but she is typically laid back and pretty mild mannered.....easy to have by your side. Angie has done well with other dogs and passed the cat test, but prefers a home without young kids, who may not be old enough to understand gentle dog manners just yet. She was found roaming behind a neighborhood by one of our volunteers in Houston, where we suspect her previous owner had dumped her a couple weeks earlier. We can't imagine why anyone would dump such a great dog (she's a gem!). She has so much to offer to a new family who will appreciate her more than they did.
Angela Basset would love to come to Wisconsin later in November, but needs a preapproved adopter first.  Fill out an application for this great dog!