Be Part of the Change! Adopt!

One of our Houston rescue partners, Lola's Lucky Day, spent some time this past week volunteering at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston. The shelter is doing everything they can with the little space and money they have, despite their being double the animals that they can realistically hold.  Everyday at the Harris County Shelter, 80 dogs are turned in with little hopes of leaving alive. There is no room in the shelter for them to usually stay longer than 72 hours. There is such an over pet population in Houston that there is no place for them to go. What can you do to help rescues like Lola's Lucky Day?

A pup at Harris County Shelter hoping to make it out alive. Photo courtesy of Lola's Lucky Day.

You can be part of this change! Donate! Foster! Adopt! Spay/Neuter your pets! Educate others!

Each month Paddy's Paws works with rescues from Houston to bring up dogs to Wisconsin where we do not have this same pet overpopulation problem. This month we are having two transports, one from Lola's Lucky Day and one from Houston K-911.  Later in November they will be bringing a van full of dogs looking for their forever homes. The more preapproved adopters we can have waiting, the more dogs that can be pulled out of shelters and put in foster care in Houston before traveling to Wisconsin. Fill out an adoption application to get the preapproval process started and help save the life of a shelter dog. These dogs are some of the most loyal, loving, and grateful pups that you will ever meet!