Party Time!

In honor of all of the Halloween parties that will be happening this weekend, we thought we would share one of Paddy's Paws' most popular posts.  Instead of a Halloween Party, we're reliving a Dog Party moment!

I  slept in. My dogs did not. I didn't come down to a house full of potty (they got a later potty break), but I did come down to a morning full of party. It's party time from 5:00-7:00 every morning. Usually, I come down and join the party and regulate the destruction. But today I slept in.
The rules of the party are simple and can be summed up in the phrase "Seek and Destroy". No stuffed toy is safe. No blanket shall stay where placed. No rug will remain unturned. And if you can find a misplaced shoe? Well, that's like bringing a keg to a party.
Now, I am not always a patient person and I don't always laugh when I see the puppy post-party, but today was a good reminder. I have work, a social life, fitness classes, and a life that changes. All they have in the world is what their people have provided. They have their routine, their toys, their treats, their food... and it's all centered around the home they live in. They are uninvited to many elements of my life. For example, they can't come to work (believe me, I ask the health inspector every you know how easy it would be to clean the pub floors if I could bring my dogs?!). But I am invited to EVERY element of their lives. They want to eat by me, walk and run with me, curl up on the couch with me, play with me...they just want to be with me.
I am invited to their parties every single day. They aren't mad when I don't make it on fact, they are ecstatic about my arrival at any point! Life is short for them (way, way, too short)...don't miss too many of their parties.

by:  Erin Housley