Dog Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween can be a fun holiday, but it can also be a stressful time for dogs. This Halloween, keep these four dog safety tips in mind:

1. Keep your dog in a safe, secure spot during trick-or-treating.

You will constantly be opening and closing your door for trick-or-treaters and your dog may try to dart outside. Dogs can be territorial of their homes and may become anxious with having strangers in costumes continuously approaching their house. If you choose to pass out candy, put your dog in a secure room away from the front door and even consider playing some soothing music or turn the TV on to help provide white noise and comfort to your dog.

2. Don't leave your dog unattended outside in the yard.

Once again, because there will be more foot traffic near your home, we would not want your dog to get spooked and try to run away or have a mean-spirited prankster let your dog loose.  Make sure your dog is always wearing its identification tags and collar.

3.  If you choose to put a costume on your pet, make sure they are comfortable. 

Please make sure the costume is safe, fits properly, and is comfortable. Your dog should be able to easily move, hear, see, and breathe in the costume.  It also should not have any pieces that can be easily chewed off.  Do you just want a cute Halloween pic for your social media account? Snap a photo of your pet in the costume and then take it off so that your pet will only need to tolerate the costume for a short time.

4.  Keep candy out of reach.

Any kind of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can be dangerous or even lethal for a dog to consume. Keep the candy in a safe place so that your dog will not accidentally eat it.