Sadie Lulu

Meet Sadie Lulu! She is an eight month old Border Collie/Newfoundland Mix. This gorgeous girl has quite the personality and a love for water! She arrived at a high kill shelter in Texas as she wasn't fully using her back legs and her family no longer wanted her. She was immediately pulled by a foster for Lola's Lucky Day and started cage rest and hydrotherapy. Her x-rays showed no breaks, but a little bit of hip dysplasia starting. She was put on some medication and one week later she was running around as though nothing happened! We think she was kept in a crate too small for her and was cramped. She has a nice bed to lay on and a big yard to run around and play in at her foster home! She can't wait to get to Wisconsin and experience snow, which we no doubt believe she will love! She loves belly rubs and kisses! She gets along well with other dogs, but we can see she wants to herd the smaller ones! This girl is amazing and we know she'll thrive in her forever home! We'd recommend an experienced adopter due to how big she might get, and that could handle her special needs with her hind legs. Don't miss out on this beautiful girl!