Balto is a mix that we are calling a "Siber-doodle".  We were told that his mother is a labradoodle and the father is a Siberian Husky and that he was born on 12-23-17.  Balto currently weighs around 27 pounds, but has more weight to add on as he is underweight. It's hard to tell with all of his beautiful fur, but he is skinny.  Balto  is very playful and would love to have another large size dog in his home to play with as we anticipate he will grow to be a big boy.  Balto  is currently working on house training and would appreciate being in a home where he can get frequent breaks.  Balto is extremely smart and alert and will get into trouble without careful supervision, but this is a common trait for dogs of these breed mixes.  Balto would love to have a fenced in yard as he loves to run around the yard and needs to have a chance to run around.  He is a very sweet dog who is food motivated. He would benefit greatly from participating in an obedience class as he is still a big puppy learning manners. Balto is approved for families with children over 10 years old as young children make him nervous. Please note that Balto does shed and requires frequent brushing.   He is a very sweet dog who just wants to please his people.  He has been working hard on manners.  He is more curious and adventurous compared to his brother. He would love the other dog in his home to be a confident leader who is also quiet, playful, and laid-back.