Wisconsin better prepare itself for some puppy cuteness! On March 25th, Benjamin and his siblings will be arriving in southern Wisconsin and would love approved adopters. Benjamin's mom, Honey, approached a Good Samaritan in a gas station parking lot on the coldest day of the year in Houston. She was VERY pregnant and jumped right in the kind strangers truck. She had a plan and it didn't involve delivering her puppies in a parking lot! Honey was immediately taken to the vet. Thankfully Honey delivered her puppies in a warm and safe home on January 19th. Honey is approximately 60 lbs and appears to be a beautiful shepherd mix. We estimate that the puppies will grow up to be medium sized dogs as well. Honey will stay behind for the time being as she needs to be spayed and treated for heartworm. She would love nothing more than to have each of her babies adopted.