Get Preapproved!

Do you need a reason to get preapproved with Paddy's Paws? What about seven reasons like the seven puppies pictured? Actually...we currently have 124 adoptable dogs listed on our adopt-a-pet page. We have many puppies and adult dogs hoping to make the journey from Houston to Wisconsin in February. Houston has a huge homeless pet population and Wisconsin has such fabulous adopters that we are trying to help as much as we can. What's special about Paddy's Paws is we send all adoption fees back to Houston so our rescue partners can continue to educate on the importance of spaying/neutering and help with the vetting of the pups.
Preapproval means that you have completed all of the necessary steps to become an approved adopter. Preapproval involves filling out the adoption application, having a background check performed, vet and personal references called, and an in-home interview (homevisit) with one of our volunteers. Your application will then be shared with the rescue for final approval. Once preapproved, you can set up meet-and-greets with available dogs. Please keep in mind that we are 100% volunteer run so the process can take time, but we think each of these precious dogs are worth the wait! You can get the process started at
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